2017 OB Blog_0021

This is a continuation of the Methodist Campground series.  Above is the Methodist church used for Sunday services.  It is across the sidewalk from the Tabernacle

2017 OB Blog_0025

Today is just a collection of images of some gingerbread cottages.

2017 OB Blog_0026

Note the intricate woodwork on all the trim.

2017 OB Blog_0027

2017 OB Blog_0028

On some of them, the most detailed work is on the upper balcony.

2017 OB Blog_0029

2017 OB Blog_0030

2017 OB Blog_0031

2017 OB Blog_0032

2017 OB Blog_0033

2017 OB Blog_0034

Each year, they have illumination night.  All the cottages are decorated with luminaries.  There is a community sing and at nine o’clock pm, all the luminaries are lit.  Our next post will have some images of luminary night.