2017 OB Blog_0011

This is Circuit Ave. in downtown Oak Bluffs.  Both sides of the street are lined with restaurants and souvenir shops.

2017 OB Blog_0012

Some people are really gung-ho about the Vineyard.

2017 OB Blog_0013

Usually, these sidewalks are so crowded you  have to step into the street to pass.  I do not know how I got this image with no one in it!

2017 OB Blog_0014

2017 OB Blog_0018

This biggest attraction in Oak Bluffs is probably the Methodist Campground.  It was started in 1835 during an Methodist revival meeting.  People brought over tents to sleep in.  By 1858, 12,000 people attended.  Wooden platforms were built to accommodate some of the tents.  These platforms later gave way to wooden gingerbread cottages.  At one point, were were as many as 500 cottages.  About 300 remain today.  The big canvas tent in the middle of Wesleyan Grove was replace by the above open-air wrought iron tabernacle in 1879.

2017 OB Blog_0015

Here are a few examples of the gingerbread cottages.

2017 OB Blog_0016

2017 OB Blog_0017

They are very cute and fun to look at, but……

2017 OB Blog_0019

……most of them are not air conditioned and some are built very close together.

2017 OB Blog_0020

To live here, you really have to get along with your neighbors and not mind the general public and tourists walking up and down the sidewalks and staring into you house!