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Oak Bluffs, known in the 1800’s as Cottage City, is at the northern end of Martha’s Vineyard.  This is where the ferries come in bringing tourists.  Vineyard Haven, to the west, is another ferry docking point.  This is a green park area where people picnic, fly kites, etc.  Sometimes bands perform in the gazebo.

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I think this is my favorite house on the Vineyard.  It was remodeled a few years ago.  Shortly after that, it burned to the ground.  The contractor came back and rebuilt it again exactly as it was before.

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Another view of the park.

2017 OB Blog_0004

I’m not sure if this is another piece of “Vineyard art” or just and old junker, but it has been like that for several years.

2017 OB Blog_0005

A Catholic church in Oak Bluffs.

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The Flying Horses is the oldest platform carousel in the U.S.

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The horses are antiques.

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They do not go up and down – they just go round and round.  It is one of the few carousels that still have the arm that sticks out so the riders can grab the rings.  If you happen to get a brass ring, you get a free ride.