Grand Tetons part 7

Well, we are finishing up with the Grand Tetons today with the trip home.  We really hate to leave this beautiful place.

These pronghorns we telling us “Goodbye – come again soon.”



Debbie took this image of this deer strolling along beside the road.  He said he’ll miss us, too.


The sun sets behind the Tetons.


On the way to Leah’s, we sopped at this rest area….


Then, we saw this sign taped to to door of the building; but, when you gotta go, you gotta go.


When we got back to Leah’s, a storm came across Squaw Mountain, back-lit by the sun.  Debbie took these first two pictures.  The third one is mine.  Hers seemed to come out better than mine.  I can’t figure that out!

ylwstne-teton2016 deb_0193_std.jpg

ylwstne-teton2016 deb_0196_std.jpgylwstne-teton2016_0734_std.jpg

What a beautiful way to end our trip to Wyoming.  We sure hated to leave this great state!