2017 prncscruz_0246_std

We’re still snorkeling in St. Maarten.

2017 prncscruz_0248_std

Beautiful fish abounded!

2017 prncscruz_0249_std

2017 prncscruz_0250_std

2017 prncscruz_0251_std

2017 prncscruz_0252_std

Debbie really enjoyed being surrounded by schools of fish.

2017 prncscruz_0253_std

2017 prncscruz_0257_std

This is the “fast raft” that took us out to the snorkeling spot.  When they said “fast,” they weren’t kidding.  It went about 50mph and carried 34 people.

2017 prncscruz_0259_std

2017 prncscruz_0260_std

Here is the captain of the fast raft bringing out the floating bar complete with beer and rum punch.

2017 prncscruz_0261_std

2017 prncscruz_0262_std

The warm Caribbean water was really nice, especially since it was March and snowing in the Northern U.S.

2017 prncscruz_0268_std

This is Royal Caribbean’s “Oasis of the Seas,” the largest ocean liner in the world.

2017 prncscruz_0270_std

This is the liner we were on.

2017 prncscruz_0216_std

Just kidding!  This is the Regal Princess, our home for the last two weeks.  It is a great ship and really enjoyed the cruise.  Looking forward to going again!!

I’m working on what will be our next blog subject.  Stay tuned.



2017 prncscruz_0200_std

Today, we are taking a dip in the ocean on St. Thomas.  (By the way, when I say dip, I’m not referring to myself).

2017 prncscruz_0204_std

Debbie stylin’ for the camera!

2017 prncscruz_0205_std

The palm tree lined beach was great.

2017 prncscruz_0206_std

I think we are about to invaded by pirates.

2017 prncscruz_0210_std

St. Thomas from the catamaran.

2017 prncscruz_0211_std

This is where the other half parks their yachts.

2017 prncscruz_0213_std

On the catamaran – complete with bar.

2017 prncscruz_0214_std

People being pulled in a tube raft.

2017 prncscruz_0215_std

Major wipeout!!

2017 prncscruz_0217_std

Our friends and table mates from Canada, Bert and Brenda, enjoying a rum punch.  Debbie unsuccessfully tried to get out of the photo.

2017 prncscruz_0219_std

After St. Thomas, we went to St. Maarten.

2017 prncscruz_0220_std

At St. Maarten, we boarded a power raft, a long, narrow, speed boat with a couple of powerful outboards on the back.  We headed out to a snorkeling spot.

2017 prncscruz_0222_std

Debbie about to take a dive.

2017 prncscruz_0226_std

Colorful fish were plentiful!  So were other snorkelers’ swim fins.

2017 prncscruz_0227_std

2017 prncscruz_0229_std

2017 prncscruz_0230_std

2017 prncscruz_0231_std

2017 prncscruz_0232_std

2017 prncscruz_0233_std

2017 prncscruz_0242_std

Some sea anemones and something that looked like brains.

2017 prncscruz_0243_std

Our next post will be a continuation of our St. Maarten snorkeling adventure.




2017 prncscruz_0159_std

Our next stop was at the Amber Cove in the Dominican Republic.

2017 prncscruz_0164_std

The buildings in the water were rather expensive.  The big on went for about $1200 per night.

2017 prncscruz_0165_std

This waterfall greeted us at the cruise port.

2017 prncscruz_0168_std2017 prncscruz_0169_std

A motor coach (fancy term for a bus) took us to the beach.  The water was nice and warm

2017 prncscruz_0171_std

Debbie and I took advantage of the warm water – quite different from Martha’s Vineyard!

2017 prncscruz_0172_std

Here’s me holding in my gut trying to look buff.

2017 prncscruz_0174_std

The waves were good.  This is my first attempt at photographing the inside of a breaker.

2017 prncscruz_0176_std2017 prncscruz_0178_std

I love the color of the water.

2017 prncscruz_0179_std2017 prncscruz_0180_std

After a lunch, we went to the town of Peurto Plata (Port of Silver)

2017 prncscruz_0187_std

This is a park in the middle of the town.

2017 prncscruz_0188_std

The streets were not too busy.

2017 prncscruz_0192_std

One of the locals selling his wares off his donkey.

2017 prncscruz_0193_std2017 prncscruz_0195_std2017 prncscruz_0196_std

These heads on sticks greeted us back at the cruise port.  I do not know of their significance.

Our next stop will be at St. Thomas.



2017 prncscruz_0108_std

This is the company we zip lined with, located in Cozumel, Mexico.

2017 prncscruz_0109_std

And our welcoming party.  They feast off the people who didn’t make it.

2017 prncscruz_0111_std

Debbie is getting her gear put on.

2017 prncscruz_0112_std

“Our Father, please let this cup pass from me.  But not my will, but Thine be done.”

2017 prncscruz_0113_std

My turn to get strapped in.

2017 prncscruz_0114_std

O.K., tab “A” into slot “B.”  Or is it the other way around.

2017 prncscruz_0121_std

This is the crew that helped us all the way around.  A great bunch of guys!!

2017 prncscruz_0123_std

O.K., we’re ready – bring it on!!

2017 prncscruz_0132_std

And awaaaay we go!!

2017 prncscruz_0133_std

2017 prncscruz_0134_std

Debbie is approaching one of the towers

2017 prncscruz_0136_std

Get out th’ way boys – I’m gonna unwind!

2017 prncscruz_0142_std

My turn – here I come!!  Who said I was chicken?!

2017 prncscruz_0138_std

The strap was not as uncomfortable at it looks.

2017 prncscruz_0144_std

Well, this is not so bad.

2017 prncscruz_0145_std

However, I’m a bit concerned about this next landing.

2017 prncscruz_0146_std

The towers were a lot more sturdy than they looked.

2017 prncscruz_0148_std

On the way back to the ship, we were serenaded by a mariachi band.

Zip lining is great fun!!  Debbie said she’d do it again – but not the Dunn’s River water fall.  We are packing today.  We disembark the ship at about 6:00 in the morning, and we should be home late Sunday night.  We’ll try to drive it all in one day.  See you soon.


2017 prncscruz_0072_std

We are going to climb Dunn River Falls – not up the board sidewalk – but through the water.  It was a 900 ft. climb – against the current.

2017 prncscruz_0076_std

Debbie was a little tenuous about it, but being the trooper she is…..

2017 prncscruz_0080_std

As much as possible, everyone held hands to pull each other up.  I suppose the reasoning is that if one person falls, they pull the whole crowd down with them.

2017 prncscruz_0081_std

Debbie can hardly wait to get started.

2017 prncscruz_0082_std

2017 prncscruz_0084_std

The water was rushing pretty fast.

2017 prncscruz_0086_std

The guides were great!  If anyone couldn’t make the next level up, they pulled them up.  They were very attentive to people who needed help.

2017 prncscruz_0087_std

People on the board walk weren’t having nearly as much fun – they weren’t even getting wet.

2017 prncscruz_0089_std

Debbie is saying, “What the heck have you gotten me into?”

2017 prncscruz_0092_std

Some nice people took our photo.

2017 prncscruz_0093_std

2017 prncscruz_0094_std

Onward and upward we go!

2017 prncscruz_0095_std

2017 prncscruz_0096_std

I cannot say enough about the guides – They were a tremendous help!

2017 prncscruz_0101_std

A refreshing waterfall.

2017 prncscruz_0102_std

2017 prncscruz_0103_std

We’re almost there!

2017 prncscruz_0104_std

And we made it all the way to the top.

On our next excursion, we’ll do a little zip lining.



2017 PrncsCruz0046_std

I think I published this photo yesterday, But I like it so much I thought I’d do it again. 

2017 PrncsCruz0047_std

Same bird – wings down.


2017 PrncsCruz0049_std

Another photo of the Eastern Streamtail.

2017 PrncsCruz0051_std

2017 PrncsCruz0052_std

2017 PrncsCruz0054_std

Check out the thorns on this thing!!  They’re deadly!

2017 PrncsCruz0056_std

These acrobats made some pretty cool moves.

2017 PrncsCruz0057_std

2017 PrncsCruz0058_std

I know this would look better in video, but I just didn’t do it.

2017 PrncsCruz0060_std

2017 PrncsCruz0062_std2017 PrncsCruz0063_std

2017 PrncsCruz0066_std

And back down the mountain.

2017 PrncsCruz0067_std

2017 PrncsCruz0069_std

Talk about setting down roots!

Our next post will be Debbie and me taking a walk up the Dunn River water falls – up the falls – not up the boardwalk beside the falls, but through the water.



2017 PrncsCruz0006_std

Welcome back to “Travels with Skip and Debbie.”  We are presently on the Regal Princess cruise ship.  I have final gotten some photos processed so I can put them on our blog.  The above photo is a group of ships in port at Port Everglades (Fort Lauderdale, Fla.)  Our ship has just set sail.  (I do not know why they still call it sailing when there’s not a sail in sight).

2017 PrncsCruz0011_std

Above is the atrium of the ship.  This area is surrounded by shops and restaurants.

2017 PrncsCruz0013_std

A view over the back of the ship…..2017 PrncsCruz0014_std

And a view towards the front.

2017 PrncsCruz0018_std

Debbie uses sea days to catch up on some reading.

2017 PrncsCruz0019_std

Our first stop was supposed to be Grand Cayman, but the seas were so choppy, they cancelled our snorkeling excursion.  So, we proceeded on to Jamaica.

2017 PrncsCruz0021_std

Early morning view of Montego Bay.

2017 PrncsCruz0027_std

Our first excursion on Jamaica was a chair lift ride up Mystic Mountain.

2017 PrncsCruz0037_std

2017 PrncsCruz0038_std

We were greeted by some beautiful flowers….

2017 PrncsCruz0039_std

And some hummingbirds.  There was an area where there were hummingbird feeders and plants.

2017 PrncsCruz0040_std

2017 PrncsCruz0041_std

I liked the looks of this plant, but I don’t have a clue what it is.

2017 PrncsCruz0042_std

Debbie and I were thrilled to see these Eastern Streamtail hummers.  Check out the long tail.  We don’t see these guys in our back yard!

2017 PrncsCruz0043_std

Lucky shot!  This guy took off a fraction of a second after I took his portrait.

2017 PrncsCruz0044_std

2017 PrncsCruz0046_std

It may be our imagination, but these hummers seem slightly larger than the ones we have at home.  Maybe ours fight too much over the food and that stunts their growth…. Just sayin’.

Our next post will be a continuation of Mystic Mountain hummers and some acrobats.