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As mentioned in our last  post, there is an illumination night in the village of gingerbread houses in Oak Bluffs.  Everyone decorates their houses with luminaries and other decorations.  Starting at around  7:00 pm, there is a community sing in the tabernacle.  T

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Then, at 9:00 pm, at a given signal, everyone turns on their luminaries at the same time. This is a Vineyard tradition that everyone looks forward to.


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The fun part is that everyone tries to out-decorate his neighbor.


6 thoughts on “MARTHA’S VINEYARD 2017 #13”

  1. Skip!

    What wonderful pictures! How could I have forgotten about illumination night?

    I’m hoping that sometime I’ll see a picture you took of the old stone building where my barbershop was…

    Wishing you and Debbie the best! XOXO (cousin) Susie


    1. Skip By mistake I tried to be on your email list for your travels with Skip and Debbie blog Which was silly cuz you already send it to me all the time and I love it! Sorry for any confusion this may have caused…

      It’s almost Debbie’s birthday – if you will please tell her – “early happy birthday Debbie”

      Hope you’re having a wonderful summer again! How about go for a swim in South Beach for me! More later!

      XOXO Cousin Susie

      Sent from my iPad



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