This is some of the aftermath of the boathouse fire.  The Cormorant was a Coast Guard boat.  The other two, I think, were privately owned.


I published this photo yesterday, but I added it again because I took is on the night after the fire.  Someone found it in the rubble and mounted it on the fence  post.  To me, it represents the resilience of our wonderful country!  It is at the top of the list of  favorite photos that I’ve taken.


There are five lighthouses on Martha’s Vineyard.  This is the Cape Poge lighthouse on Chappaquiddick.


Here is the Edgartown lighthouse in Edgartown Harbor.


A little closer view of it framed by sailboat masts.


This is the East Chop lighthouse as seen from the ferry crossing.


East Chop light as seen from the other side.


West Chop lighthouse as seen from the ferry…..


….And as seen from land.  This lighthouse is not accessible to the public since it is privately owned and someone lives there.


This is the Aquinnah Lighthouse.  It used to be called the Gay Head lighthouse, but due to the recent connotation of the word “gay,” it was changed to Aquinnah in 1997.


The lighthouse is situated on the beautiful cliffs overlooking the Atlantic.  The cliffs, a Martha’s Vineyard iconic landmark, used to be bright red clay, but over the years, they have lost a lot of their color.  As the eroding cliffs got closer to the lighthouse, it was determined that it had to be moved or it would be lost.  So, a couple of years ago, it was moved back about 100 feet at a cost of about $3 million.  When Debbie was a child, people could walk up and down the cliffs.  But due to erosion, that is no longer permitted.


Aquinnah is the home of the Wampanaug Indian Tribe, a federally recognized Native American tribe.  They operate a few souvenir stands on the approach to the lighthouse.  There are also some snack shops and a restaurant there.


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