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The building with the red roof is the U.S. Coast Guard boathouse.

2000 mv blog_0059_std

Same building from another angle.

2000 mv blog_0060_std

In July, 2010, it caught fire and totally burned up.  We happened to be at Debbie’s house when she saw the smoke and called me.  I ran down, camera in hand,  ad took a bunch of photos.  Some private boats wee lost as well as a couple of coast guard boats and a pickup truck.

2000 mv blog_0066_std

A cormorant kicking across the water to help himself get air born.

2000 mv blog_0067_std

This man, Bob, went out every night just before midnight to go fishing around the Aquinnah lighthouse.  He usually brought back a lot of fluke.  He went pretty far offshore in that little boat and we always thought one day he wouldn’t come back.  But he always did.  Due to physical restrictions, he and his wife Claudia don’t come to the island anymore.  We miss them.  They were good people.

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The boat in the background is the ferry that brings people, cars, and trucks to the Vineyard.  The sailboat is a sight seeing boat.

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This bench is on the back of the filling station.  It is called squid row because people sit there watching children trying to catch squid in the shallow inlet behind the boat dock.

2000 mv blog_0071_std

We always enjoy the large flags in the harbor on July 4th.  Makes me thankful and proud to be an American.

2000 mv blog_0072_std

Part of the beach at Menemsha is quite rocky.

2000 mv blog_0073_std

Our friend Charlie loves to fly fish,  and he’s pretty good at it.

2000 mv blog_0074_std

Sorry to say, though, this time he was not so lucky.


5 thoughts on “MARTHA’S VINEYARD 2017 #6”

  1. Love these posts. I am going to show them to my friend who is traveling to NE for their anniversary trip. They
    are trying to decide if they should go to Martha’s Vineyard. This may help her to decide. At least she can see
    your good pictures and read the commentary. Enjoy the summer. Very hot here but we have our AC. Yea.


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