2000 mv blog_0053_std

A few fishing boats tied up in the harbor in Menemsha.

2000 mv blog_0056_std

….and some more…..


2000 mv blog_0057_std

and some more.

2000 mv blog_0054_std

Everyone on Martha’s vineyard is an artist!

2000 mv blog_0063_std

Above is Larsen’s Fish Market.

2000 mv blog_0064_std

And here is Chilmark Fish Market.  These two have the freshest seafood you can buy.

2000 mv blog_0062_std

And here’s why.  These stores back up to the dock where fishermen come to sell the day’s catch.

2000 mv blog_0052_std

This cormorant already has his catch.

2000 mv blog_0065_std

As you may expect, sailing is a very popular activity here.

2000 mv blog_0055_std

A small fishing boat tied up in the creek.

2000 mv blog_0061_std

In case you’re wondering what beetlebung means, back in the whaling days, they made the mallets used to drive the stoppers (bungs) into the kegs that contained whale oil from the wood of the beetlenut tree.  They also may have made the bung from the same wood.  I checked this out in Google, and you know the internet can’t be wrong.


2 thoughts on “MARTHA’S VINEYARD 2017 #5”

    1. I’m sure you’re talking about the rowboat in the creek. Tell me what size and what media you want,(canvas, paper, metal, or whatever) and it’s yours with my compliments. I’m flattered that a photographer of your stature would want one of my photos. Thanks!! Love, Dad.


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