2017 MV Blog_0033

Well, before we go to the beach, let me show you a little more of Debbie’s garden.

2017 MV Blog_0034

2017 MV Blog_0035

Lucky shot!

2017 MV Blog_0036

2017 MV Blog_0037

2017 MV Blog_0038

2017 MV Blog_0039

Bob and Claudia on the way back to their bigger boat after shopping at Menemsha Market.

2017 MV Blog_0040

The United States Coast Guard Station in Menemsha, just below Debbie’s cottage.

2017 mv blog_0041_std

The street going to the beach has a few small businesses on it.  Here are a couple of clothes stores and an antique shop.

2017 mv blog_0042_std

The above and below pictures are fishing cottages on the Menemsha harbor.

2017 mv blog_0043_std

2017 MV Blog_0044

These old, tired, rusty fishing boats have since been hauled away.

2017 mv blog_0045_std

This is a deli that did not open this year.  Too bad!!  They had great coffee.

2017 mv blog_0046_std

This is the Bite.  It’s an eatery that serves sea food any way you like it – as long as it’s fried.  No inside eating – you either eat at the picnic tables on the side or take it home.  It is very, very good.

2017 mv blog_0047_std

On a hill overlooking Menemsha Harbor.

2017 mv blog_0048_std

This is a stack of lobster traps.  Hold your nose when you pass by here!!

2017 mv blog_0049_std

A jetty protects the harbor.  On the right is Menemsha  pond.  To the left and behind is the Atlantic Ocean.  In the misty left background is the harbor.

2017 mv blog_0050_std

Debbie overseeing her realm.

2017 mv blog_0051_std

Menemsha beach – calm waves and very rocky.  You need water shoes if you plan to walk very far.

2000 mv blog_0052_std

This cormorant has f0und him a tasty morsel for breakfast!

People come from all over the island to see the Menemsha  sunsets.  Next time, we’ll take a look at a few.



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