2017 mv blog_0019_std

One of the many day lilies that grow in Debbie’s garden.

2017 mv blog_0020_std

Monarch on a butterfly bush.

2017 mv blog_0017_std

About five years ago, Debbie took a tumble off this wall into the prickers (briars as we call them in the South).

2017 mv blog_0018_std

Just my luck, she broke her ankle!

2017 mv blog_0021_std

Then, guess who had to do the gardening chores for the rest of the summer.

2017 mv blog_0022_std

Dead-heading day lilies….

2017 mv blog_0023_std

……digging holes and all that fun stuff.

2017 mv blog_0024_std

Debbie’s son Chris thinks the garden is a good place for a do-it-yourself haircut.

2017 mv blog_0026_std

A few steps down the road into the town of Menemsha is the Homeport Restaurant, a great place to eat very good food, but be sure to bring your credit card!  On the side of the restaurant is a back door, where the menu is less expensive and you can dine at the tables outside.  We’ve done that a few times, and it is quite nice – depending of the weather, of course.

2017 mv blog_0025_std

Across the street is The Galley, a fast food type restaurant, with a very extensive menu, everything from hot dogs to swordfish.  A very good place to eat and reasonable prices (for the Vineyard).

2017 mv blog_0027_std

At The Galley, order food in the front…..

2017 mv blog_0028_std

…then take it around to the back porch picnic tables and eat with a view of the harbor.

2017 mv blog_0029_std

2017 mv blog_0030_std

A cool way to come to the dinner!

2017 mv blog_0031_std

This is beside The Galley looking into the bight (harbor).  This is where they filmed the scene in “Jaws” where the camera was in Quint’s cabin zooming back in until you could see that they were shooting through shark jaws.  Quint’s cabin has since been torn down.  Too bad!!

2017 mv blog_0032_std

Next to the Galley is Menemsha Market, a neat, old time type general store.  They don’t have everything, but they have enough to keep you from going hungry.  Very nice proprietors.

Next, we’ll take a stroll to the beach – don’t worry, it’s within walking distance.


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