2017 mv blog_0001_std

Dear friends, I’m sorry to have abandoned our blog for so long, but it has been a while since we went anywhere.  But we are now in Martha’s Vineyard, so I’ll try to be more vigilant with the blog.  By the way, the house above is not where we live.  I included this photo to show the rock wall.  Rock walls such as this are all over the island.

2017 mv blog_0002_stdis a photo of an old map of the Vineyard that hangs in Debbie’s house.

2017 mv blog_0003_std

Menemsha is the name of the fishing village we stay in.

2017 mv blog_0004_std

Debbie’s cottage.

2017 mv blog_0006_std

Debbie’s pride and jow is her garden behind the house.

2017 mv blog_0008_std

2017 mv blog_0009_std

2017 mv blog_0011_std.jpg

Bird feeders in the garden attract all kinds of visitors.

2017 mv blog_0012_std

Like these turkeys.

2017 mv blog_0013_std

2017 mv blog_0014_std

Birds and butterflies aren’t all they attract!

2017 mv blog_0015_std.jpg

Many rabbits inhabit the neighborhood.

2017 mv blog_0016_std.jpg

Our cat loves to watch the action in the back yard.




3 thoughts on “MARTHA’S VINEYARD 2017 #1”

  1. Wow. I love your garden, Debbie. And to think of all the wildlife out on that island. Hope you are having a great
    summer. 96 here yesterday. I look forward to seeing more of your life there.


  2. Love these pictures and captions, Skip. Patches must love watching the “wild life.” The pictures of the garden are wonderful. Can’t wait to see them in person. The turkeys are cool!


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