2017 prncscruz_0200_std

Today, we are taking a dip in the ocean on St. Thomas.  (By the way, when I say dip, I’m not referring to myself).

2017 prncscruz_0204_std

Debbie stylin’ for the camera!

2017 prncscruz_0205_std

The palm tree lined beach was great.

2017 prncscruz_0206_std

I think we are about to invaded by pirates.

2017 prncscruz_0210_std

St. Thomas from the catamaran.

2017 prncscruz_0211_std

This is where the other half parks their yachts.

2017 prncscruz_0213_std

On the catamaran – complete with bar.

2017 prncscruz_0214_std

People being pulled in a tube raft.

2017 prncscruz_0215_std

Major wipeout!!

2017 prncscruz_0217_std

Our friends and table mates from Canada, Bert and Brenda, enjoying a rum punch.  Debbie unsuccessfully tried to get out of the photo.

2017 prncscruz_0219_std

After St. Thomas, we went to St. Maarten.

2017 prncscruz_0220_std

At St. Maarten, we boarded a power raft, a long, narrow, speed boat with a couple of powerful outboards on the back.  We headed out to a snorkeling spot.

2017 prncscruz_0222_std

Debbie about to take a dive.

2017 prncscruz_0226_std

Colorful fish were plentiful!  So were other snorkelers’ swim fins.

2017 prncscruz_0227_std

2017 prncscruz_0229_std

2017 prncscruz_0230_std

2017 prncscruz_0231_std

2017 prncscruz_0232_std

2017 prncscruz_0233_std

2017 prncscruz_0242_std

Some sea anemones and something that looked like brains.

2017 prncscruz_0243_std

Our next post will be a continuation of our St. Maarten snorkeling adventure.




2 thoughts on “PRINCESS CARIBBEAN CRUISE, 3/2017, Part 6”

  1. Thanks!! Snorkeling is a little hard to get used to, but once you get the hang of it, it’s fun. However, it’s hard to see the monitor on that small camera when under water. I just aim in that direction and hope for the best.


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