2017 prncscruz_0159_std

Our next stop was at the Amber Cove in the Dominican Republic.

2017 prncscruz_0164_std

The buildings in the water were rather expensive.  The big on went for about $1200 per night.

2017 prncscruz_0165_std

This waterfall greeted us at the cruise port.

2017 prncscruz_0168_std2017 prncscruz_0169_std

A motor coach (fancy term for a bus) took us to the beach.  The water was nice and warm

2017 prncscruz_0171_std

Debbie and I took advantage of the warm water – quite different from Martha’s Vineyard!

2017 prncscruz_0172_std

Here’s me holding in my gut trying to look buff.

2017 prncscruz_0174_std

The waves were good.  This is my first attempt at photographing the inside of a breaker.

2017 prncscruz_0176_std2017 prncscruz_0178_std

I love the color of the water.

2017 prncscruz_0179_std2017 prncscruz_0180_std

After a lunch, we went to the town of Peurto Plata (Port of Silver)

2017 prncscruz_0187_std

This is a park in the middle of the town.

2017 prncscruz_0188_std

The streets were not too busy.

2017 prncscruz_0192_std

One of the locals selling his wares off his donkey.

2017 prncscruz_0193_std2017 prncscruz_0195_std2017 prncscruz_0196_std

These heads on sticks greeted us back at the cruise port.  I do not know of their significance.

Our next stop will be at St. Thomas.



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