2017 prncscruz_0108_std

This is the company we zip lined with, located in Cozumel, Mexico.

2017 prncscruz_0109_std

And our welcoming party.  They feast off the people who didn’t make it.

2017 prncscruz_0111_std

Debbie is getting her gear put on.

2017 prncscruz_0112_std

“Our Father, please let this cup pass from me.  But not my will, but Thine be done.”

2017 prncscruz_0113_std

My turn to get strapped in.

2017 prncscruz_0114_std

O.K., tab “A” into slot “B.”  Or is it the other way around.

2017 prncscruz_0121_std

This is the crew that helped us all the way around.  A great bunch of guys!!

2017 prncscruz_0123_std

O.K., we’re ready – bring it on!!

2017 prncscruz_0132_std

And awaaaay we go!!

2017 prncscruz_0133_std

2017 prncscruz_0134_std

Debbie is approaching one of the towers

2017 prncscruz_0136_std

Get out th’ way boys – I’m gonna unwind!

2017 prncscruz_0142_std

My turn – here I come!!  Who said I was chicken?!

2017 prncscruz_0138_std

The strap was not as uncomfortable at it looks.

2017 prncscruz_0144_std

Well, this is not so bad.

2017 prncscruz_0145_std

However, I’m a bit concerned about this next landing.

2017 prncscruz_0146_std

The towers were a lot more sturdy than they looked.

2017 prncscruz_0148_std

On the way back to the ship, we were serenaded by a mariachi band.

Zip lining is great fun!!  Debbie said she’d do it again – but not the Dunn’s River water fall.  We are packing today.  We disembark the ship at about 6:00 in the morning, and we should be home late Sunday night.  We’ll try to drive it all in one day.  See you soon.


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