2017 prncscruz_0072_std

We are going to climb Dunn River Falls – not up the board sidewalk – but through the water.  It was a 900 ft. climb – against the current.

2017 prncscruz_0076_std

Debbie was a little tenuous about it, but being the trooper she is…..

2017 prncscruz_0080_std

As much as possible, everyone held hands to pull each other up.  I suppose the reasoning is that if one person falls, they pull the whole crowd down with them.

2017 prncscruz_0081_std

Debbie can hardly wait to get started.

2017 prncscruz_0082_std

2017 prncscruz_0084_std

The water was rushing pretty fast.

2017 prncscruz_0086_std

The guides were great!  If anyone couldn’t make the next level up, they pulled them up.  They were very attentive to people who needed help.

2017 prncscruz_0087_std

People on the board walk weren’t having nearly as much fun – they weren’t even getting wet.

2017 prncscruz_0089_std

Debbie is saying, “What the heck have you gotten me into?”

2017 prncscruz_0092_std

Some nice people took our photo.

2017 prncscruz_0093_std

2017 prncscruz_0094_std

Onward and upward we go!

2017 prncscruz_0095_std

2017 prncscruz_0096_std

I cannot say enough about the guides – They were a tremendous help!

2017 prncscruz_0101_std

A refreshing waterfall.

2017 prncscruz_0102_std

2017 prncscruz_0103_std

We’re almost there!

2017 prncscruz_0104_std

And we made it all the way to the top.

On our next excursion, we’ll do a little zip lining.



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