2017 PrncsCruz0046_std

I think I published this photo yesterday, But I like it so much I thought I’d do it again. 

2017 PrncsCruz0047_std

Same bird – wings down.


2017 PrncsCruz0049_std

Another photo of the Eastern Streamtail.

2017 PrncsCruz0051_std

2017 PrncsCruz0052_std

2017 PrncsCruz0054_std

Check out the thorns on this thing!!  They’re deadly!

2017 PrncsCruz0056_std

These acrobats made some pretty cool moves.

2017 PrncsCruz0057_std

2017 PrncsCruz0058_std

I know this would look better in video, but I just didn’t do it.

2017 PrncsCruz0060_std

2017 PrncsCruz0062_std2017 PrncsCruz0063_std

2017 PrncsCruz0066_std

And back down the mountain.

2017 PrncsCruz0067_std

2017 PrncsCruz0069_std

Talk about setting down roots!

Our next post will be Debbie and me taking a walk up the Dunn River water falls – up the falls – not up the boardwalk beside the falls, but through the water.



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