2017 PrncsCruz0006_std

Welcome back to “Travels with Skip and Debbie.”  We are presently on the Regal Princess cruise ship.  I have final gotten some photos processed so I can put them on our blog.  The above photo is a group of ships in port at Port Everglades (Fort Lauderdale, Fla.)  Our ship has just set sail.  (I do not know why they still call it sailing when there’s not a sail in sight).

2017 PrncsCruz0011_std

Above is the atrium of the ship.  This area is surrounded by shops and restaurants.

2017 PrncsCruz0013_std

A view over the back of the ship…..2017 PrncsCruz0014_std

And a view towards the front.

2017 PrncsCruz0018_std

Debbie uses sea days to catch up on some reading.

2017 PrncsCruz0019_std

Our first stop was supposed to be Grand Cayman, but the seas were so choppy, they cancelled our snorkeling excursion.  So, we proceeded on to Jamaica.

2017 PrncsCruz0021_std

Early morning view of Montego Bay.

2017 PrncsCruz0027_std

Our first excursion on Jamaica was a chair lift ride up Mystic Mountain.

2017 PrncsCruz0037_std

2017 PrncsCruz0038_std

We were greeted by some beautiful flowers….

2017 PrncsCruz0039_std

And some hummingbirds.  There was an area where there were hummingbird feeders and plants.

2017 PrncsCruz0040_std

2017 PrncsCruz0041_std

I liked the looks of this plant, but I don’t have a clue what it is.

2017 PrncsCruz0042_std

Debbie and I were thrilled to see these Eastern Streamtail hummers.  Check out the long tail.  We don’t see these guys in our back yard!

2017 PrncsCruz0043_std

Lucky shot!  This guy took off a fraction of a second after I took his portrait.

2017 PrncsCruz0044_std

2017 PrncsCruz0046_std

It may be our imagination, but these hummers seem slightly larger than the ones we have at home.  Maybe ours fight too much over the food and that stunts their growth…. Just sayin’.

Our next post will be a continuation of Mystic Mountain hummers and some acrobats.




3 thoughts on “PRINCESS CARIBBEAN CRUISE, 3/2017”

  1. Thanks for taking me along through your blog. Sorry about the rough seas, hope that has improved. Pictures are amazing, looking forward to seeing more.


    1. Jackie, Thanks for looking at our blog. Had a great time. I do not know if you saw the water fall and zip line adventures, but they were great. Hope to see you soon. Maybe on another cruise. Love you guys.
      Skip and Debbie.


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