Rvr Cruz 2016_0081.JPG

This is a sculpture of a dying lion cut into a sandstone quarry wall in Lucerne, Switzerland.  It was carved in 1820-1821 as a memorial to Swiss mercenary guards who were massacred during the French Revolution  serving the  French king Louis XVI in 1792.

Rvr Cruz 2016 0081 Atl..JPG

When I saw it, I knew I had seen it before even though I had never been to Lucerne.  Then,  I remembered that I had seen it in the Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta and had a photo of it somewhere in my files. And, voila!  This sculpture was modeled after the Lion of Lucerne, and is a memorial to the unknown Confederate dead soldiers.

Rvr Cruz 2016_0085.JPG

Well, of course you have to pose in front of a landmark such as this!

Rvr Cruz 2016_0092.JPG

Headed to the boat to take us to the cog railway.

Rvr Cruz 2016_0098.JPG

Rvr Cruz 2016_0099.JPG

Gulls hover around the boat begging for a handout.

Rvr Cruz 2016_0104.JPG

Many beautiful houses line the Lucerne River.

Rvr Cruz 2016_0112.JPG

Rvr Cruz 2016_0113.JPG

I would love to know who lives in houses such as these.


Rvr Cruz 2016_0116.JPG

Rvr Cruz 2016_0126.JPG

Well, this is the cog railway that will take us up the mountain.

Our next installment will take us through the clouds and to the mountain top.



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