Hawk in our back Yard


As Debbie and I had coffee on the back deck the other day, a Red Shouldered Hawk landed on a log at the edge of the pond.  I didn’t even see the turtle until I edited the images.  The turtle was unharmed.gsy_2330_std

He stayed a while, long enough to have his portrait made.


He liked his reflection in the water.


Suddenly, he took off after an egret that was a short distance away.  With a lot of screaming, the egret flew to the other side of the pond.  The hawk landed in the woods and did not give chase.  He must not have been as hungry as he thought.  Anyway, the egret returned the next day and was O.K.




2 thoughts on “Hawk in our back Yard”

  1. Hi all. I thoroughly enjoyed your posts from out West and Martha’s Vineyard. Thanks for sharing.
    Enjoy fall here, I think it is coming. At least not humid. See you at the store. We are planning a
    long vacation from here to NH in October. Love the hawk.


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