Martha’s Vineyard part 3

Today, we’ll continue our stroll around the small fishing village of Menemsha.

This is one way to do your shopping.  This couple took their dinghy to the store, bought something for supper, and and took it back to the boat they live on for the summer.  The two photos should be in the reverse order.


Dutcher Dock runs along behind the fish markets.  To the left is where the fishing boats dock to unload their catch.

These are a couple of the markets to buy fish, scallops, lobsters, etc.

menemsha_0053_stdSome of the fishing boats.  Some could use a coat or two of paint.

menemsha_0054_stdThese boats look a little nicer.

menemsha_0056_stdSunset reflects in the windows of a cottage on the cove.

menemsha_0057_stdSquid Row is bench that grown-ups sit on to watch the children playing in shallow water behind the dock.

menemsha_0061_stdmenemsha_0059_stdThe Coast Guard Station in Menemsha

menemsha_0062_stdView of the Coast Guard Station boathouse from the hill overlooking the bight.

This boathouse burned  down a few years ago.  I got some pretty good photos of the fire that I will post tomorrow.  See you then.





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