Martha’s Vineyard part 2

Debbie has a cottage in Menemsha on Martha’s Vineyard.  Menemsha in located on the Southwestern tip of the island.  The west side (called up island) is much less crowded and “touristy” than the east side.  It is a small fishing village and is pretty quiet.menemsha_0016_stdAbove is the main street (Basin St.) that goes through the town to the beach.  Antique, souvenir, and clothes shops, plus a couple of restaurants line the street.

menemsha_0015_stdBuoys used to mark lobster traps hang on the side of one of the stores.

menemsha_0013_stdThis small restaurant called “The Bite” has only outside seating or you can take you food home.  It serves only fried food, such as shrimp, scallops, zucchini, chicken strips, french fries, etc.

menemsha_0022_stdA small rowboat rests in the creek that runs through the village.

menemsha_0023_stdLobster pots (traps) stacked outside a seafood shop.  As you can imagine, this is a very aromatic area of the village.

menemsha_0024_stdJuly 4th brings out the large flags in the harbor.

menemsha_0025_stdThis is called the “Menemsha Bight” (a bight is a small harbor, or inlet).  Some scenes from “Jaws” was filmed here.  The shack where “Quint” lived stood where I’m standing to take this photo.  The shack has since bee removed.

A couple more scenes of the bight.

menemsha_0012_stdOur neighbor across the street has a unique way to recycle old boots.

Stay tuned for more scenes of the Vineyard!




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