Martha’s Vineyard part 1

Debbie has a garden behind her house on Martha’s Vineyard.  In the garden, there are some bird feeders with black oil sunflower seeds in them.  Well, one of them germinated and produced a beautiful sunflower plant.sunflower_0009_stdHere is the bloom before it opened.

sunflower_0010_stdIn the morning, the bloom faced the east…sunflower_0013_stdAt midday, it faced upward….

sunflower_0012_stdIn the evening, it faced the west….

sunflower_0015_stdFinally, it began to bloom.

sunflower_0017_std.jpgAnd then, a little more…

sunflower_0018_stdAnd then, a little more…  Notice the other blooms beginning to blossom.

sunflower_0024_stdThen, the full bloom!


Pretty soon, the plant was in full bloom.  Isn’t God creative?



4 thoughts on “Martha’s Vineyard part 1”

  1. This is really nice, Skip… Real cool how you show the different stags of development. Garden is so pretty!!

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