Grand Tetons part 3

Below is the Teton Glacier.  To qualify as a glacier, a bed of ice has to move, not very fast, but it has to move.  This one has been moving for thousands of years.  They form the U-shaped indentions in the mountains.



This is probably the most photographed barn in the country  It is the Moulton Barn on Mormon row.  Notice how the roof line mimics the mountain peaks.  It is called Mormon row because when this area was declared a National Park, Mormons who had settled here didn’t want to leave.  They were allowed to stay if they would take care of the property.  They did, and some of their descendants are still there.


Another picturesque barn on Mormon Row.



A western meadowlark with his breakfast.  Debbie took this photo.

ylwstne-teton2016 deb_0146_std

There are many ground squirrels frolicking in the grass in from of the barn.


We did not get to go see it, but a man named Joseph Manges built a cabin here in 1911.  Whenever he would go out to hunt or fish, he hung a sign on the door reading, “If I don’t come back, try to make a living off this place.”  Must have been some tough times!


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