Yellowstone Adventure part 8

As you well know, Yellowstone N.P. has plenty of wildlife.  Some of it is very hard to find.  We never saw any wolves, even though we went to where they were supposed to be.  Other animals were much easier to spot, such as these bison.ylwstne-teton2016_0049_stdylwstne-teton2016_0050_std

Sometimes, bison get a little too close to the road.  By the way, people call these buffalo.  But buffalo are only found in Asia and Africa – i.e. water buffalo.  The official name of American buffalo is bison.


Bison calves are called red dogs.  I Wonder why?


Elk are plentiful.  This one and some friends were grazing on the lawn near the post office, oblivious to passing traffic.




We were constantly told that animals in Yellowstone were wild.  This is not a petting zoo!  Do not get too close to them!  Like this.


ylwstne-teton2016 deb_0038_std

Ans this.


Bears are extremely hard to spot.  The easiest way to find them is to find where a lot of people are pointing their cameras and look closely.


ylwstne-teton2016 deb_0070_std

Another misnomer is this creature.  Most people call it an antelope, but it is really a pronghorn.  Antelopes are found in Africa.  People do call this a pronghorn antelope, which is O.K., but it is not an antelope, at least according to our guide.  But then, what does he know?

ylwstne-teton2016 deb_0023_std

We don’t like to think about it, but coyotes and wolves help keep the herd populations in check


I posted this little dude a few days ago.  This is a marmot.  They live in rocks around cliffs for protection.



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