Yellowstone Adventures part 7

There is a canyon in Yellowstone called the “Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.”  I may not be as big and majestic as the one in Colorado,  but it is every bit as colorful and beautiful.ylwstne-teton2016_0339_std





An osprey built a nest on a tall spire that rose from the base of the canyon and raised a family there.  I guess there’s not too much chance of predators going up there.


2 thoughts on “Yellowstone Adventures part 7”

  1. Beautiful photos! In the first photo you refer to “Grand Canyon if Yellowstone” not as majestic as the one in Colorado, are you referring to the Grand Canyon? If so its not in Colorado, it’s in Arizon 😀. There are beautiful canyons in Colorado so maybe you were referring to one of those!


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