Yellowstone Adventure part 6

Of course, the iconic scene of Yellowstone National Park is the Old Faithful geyser.  It erupts every hour, give or take a few minutes.  The first time we tried to go there, a herd of bison had settled down on the road and blocked traffic.  After waiting about 45 minutes, we turned around and went somewhere else.  The next day, it was fine – the bison were gone.



Sorry, the above photo was very underexposed and brightening it up made it a little weird. ylwstne-teton2016_0183_std

This is the restaurant in the Old Faithful Inn.  The waitress said they will serve over 3.5 million people over the summer.  Unbelievable!


This is inside the Inn looking up.


The geyser just before the eruption.


The eruption just starting.


Thar she blows!!




Well, that’s that!!


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